Taxol finished and first AC done!

I had a minor setback emotionally a few weeks ago when I found out that I wouldn't be getting my 12th and final Taxol chemotherapy. I have weekly blood tests the day before my treatment and they determine if the session will go ahead. I got a call from my oncology nurses to tell me that my neutrophils low was too low. I felt shocked as didn't feel any different. I still went to the hospital the next morning to get my Zoladex implant put in and get some new prescriptions. I then had a few weeks off before starting on a new type of chemo for me, AC (Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide). AC is widely known as The Red Devil due to being red in colour and having harsher side effects by some.  


I had my first AC treatment last Wednesday and meant to do a blog post about it a few days ago but I'm only feeling up to it today almost a week later! Overall I feel good but it is a different experience for me compared to Taxol. I don't feel very motivated at the moment and chemo brain feels very real.


I don't have to take steroids the night before/morning of treatment anymore and that is a positive. With Taxol, I would be both high on steroids and lack of sleep during treatment. I now only have to take steroids for three mornings after this treatment.

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