Me and the Big C

I was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (grade 3, stage 2) on 4th December 2019 in Waterford Hospital. My treatment plan consists of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I get chemo weekly at Kilkenny Hospital and have 8 Taxol/Carbo sessions under my belt. Overall I am happy with how my treatment is going. I have almost no side effects from my treatment.

I did lose my hair, although my wig and hat collection has greatly increased. The one in this photo is from Aliexpress. I've worn turbans for years but I think when I come through the other side of my treatment, I may have a very different relationship with them and want to give a lot of them away. 

The only other negative part of my treatment is I get very high on the steroids I take, which suits me fine, although others that have to communicate with me, not so much! 

A few days ago, the Irish government said all those who are over 70 or who are extremely medically vulnerable should "cocoon" for the next two weeks. Basically, people in those two categories should not leave their homes at all. I guess I fell into the medically vulnerable from the treatment I am going through and I have asthma (though not severe). I obviously still have to go outside for my blood tests and chemotherapy sessions. I'm waiting on some masks to arrive in the post for those times! Other than that I will be inside. I am starting this blog to document my journey back to a cancer-free life and I might as well do something somewhat productive while I am isolated from everything and everyone. 

Klara x