Competition for tickets to Ballet Ireland's show, Bold Moves.

I have two tickets to giveaway for opening night of Ballet Ireland's new show, Bold Moves. The show is a triple-bill of exhilarating and dynamic choreography by internationally renowned choreographers Christopher Bruce, Marguerite Donlon, and Filipe Portugal.

To enter, go…

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Royal's Next Door - new episodes on RTÉ

Royals Next Door is a new animated comedy series about a royal family who decide to downsize and live a 'normal' life. The series produced by Finnish-Spanish studio Pikkukala, together with Ireland’s Ink and Light and Belgium’s Walking the Dog…

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Soul Light Cards

Thank you so much to Debbie (at Soul Light Cards) who sent me this beautiful handmade inspirational card. I love it. 

She sends them to cancer thrivers and survivors asking for no money in return. It's a wonderful gesture. I…

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Looking forward to going behind the scenes at Bold Moves!

This month I will be going to watch Ballet Ireland's exhilarating and dynamic new show, Bold Moves in the O'Reilly Theatre. The show is a triple bill of contemporary work with choreography by internationally renowned choreographers Christopher Bruce, Marguerite Donlon…

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Queenager Get Glam Makeup Box

A few weeks ago, I was gifted the new Journey Skincare and Beauty by Rhona Cullinan luxury gift set, the Queenager Get Glam Makeup Box. 

This perfect gift contains amazing professional makeup brushes, a matching pink makeup bag, and…

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Journey skincare and beauty


Journey Skincare and Beauty is a new Irish skincare brand that launched this weekend. Irish makeup artist Rhona Cullinan alongside a Kilkenny cosmetic company, who are passionate about producing chemical-free products, developed this range of natural healing skincare products. The…

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Breast screenings in Ireland restarting

I was really glad to hear today that breast screenings have restarted this week. I think there haven't been any screenings since March because of Covid! They are restarting with people that have waited the longest for screening. 

Check out…

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Me and the Big C

I was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (grade 3, stage 2) on 4th December 2019 in Waterford Hospital. My treatment plan consists of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I get chemo weekly at Kilkenny Hospital and have 8 Taxol/Carbo sessions under…

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