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Soul Light Cards 

Thank you so much to Debbie (at Soul Light Cards) who sent me this beautiful handmade inspirational card. I love it. 

She sends them to cancer thrivers and survivors asking for no money in return. It's a wonderful gesture. I love that mine says dance! I'm not a great dancer at all but one of my things to do to up my vibration is put on my go to happy music and dance around a room. 

In other news, I got a phone call from my breast care nurse at Waterford Hospital. I recently had an ultrasound as I have weird hard tissue on both of my boobs. It turns out it's just scar tissue. Woohoo.













Journey skincare and beauty  


Journey Skincare and Beauty is a new Irish skincare brand that launched this weekend. Irish makeup artist Rhona Cullinan alongside a Kilkenny cosmetic company, who are passionate about producing chemical-free products, developed this range of natural healing skincare products. The products are not only suitable for people going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments but also for those who have extreme skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and results have shown they even help with the healing of scars. 

I tried some of the products out while I was doing my radiation treatments. I was lucky that I had very few side effects from radiation (I only had 20 sessions). On the final week and the week that followed, I did have redness and was very itchy. I used their salve on my chest area and under my arms and it really helped. I have suffered from eczema on my right foot, ankle and hip, on and off for years. The salve cleared up an outbreak within days and strangely enough, I haven't had another outbreak since. The moisturising cream is seriously good for dry skin, as is their body butter, which melts right into your skin. Their luxury cleansing oil is good for sensitive, dry skin and can be used to take off all your makeup. I have to say that all the products smelt gorgeous. 

To find out more about the products check out the website.

Breast screenings in Ireland restarting 

I was really glad to hear today that breast screenings have restarted this week. I think there haven't been any screenings since March because of Covid! They are restarting with people that have waited the longest for screening. 

Check out the link for more info:

To be eligible for free breast screenings in Ireland, you have to be over 50, I really think this needs to be lowered. I was 37 when I was diagnosed. If you have any doubts about changes in your breasts, please speak to your GP regardless of your age.